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Presentations from Bucharest meeting

Ursula Huws, Professor of Labour and Globalisation, University of Hertfordshire,

Opening session – introduction

Gina Neff, Author of Venture Labour: Work and the Burden of Risk in Innovative Industries,

Keynote lecture: ‘The Culture of Labor: Work, Storytelling, and the Triumph of Individualism’

gina neff presentation

Tatiana Mazali, Polytechnic of Turin and ISI Foundation,

Digital creativity and new professions: biographies in action to overcome the crisis

mazali presentation

Katrin Hippler, Senior Manager, International Marketing, Elance,

The Online Work Revolution

(presentation in four parts)

Hippler presentation intro

Hippler presentation part 1

Hippler presentation part 2

Hippler presentation last part

Mike Holderness, European Federation of Journalists,

Creative workers: rights and sustainable employment in digital environments

holderness presentation

Irene Mandl, Eurofound,

Latest results from the Eurofound Project on  ‘New Forms of Employment’

Mandl presentation

Vasile Baltac, former President of CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies)

Results from the CEPIS eSkills survey: characteristics of the IT Labour Force

Baltac presentation

James Stewart, University of Edinburgh and formerly of The EC’s IPTS-JRC
ICT4EMPL ‘The Future of Work’
From Crowd to Cloud: the present and future of wrk in the Network Economy – the role of Online Work Exchanges
James Stewart presentation

Antonio Moniz, ITAS-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and FCT-Univ. Nova Lisbon, Portugal

‘The contribution of tacit knowledge to to industrial efficiency with human-robot interaction systems’

Antonion Moniz presentation