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New Researchers

Because this COST Action is now finished, we regret we can no longer offer opportunities for PhD students and Early Stage Investigators.
During the life of the Action we were able to hold four well-attended PhD training Schools and support a number of individual Short-term Scientific Missions (STSMs). Many of these led to the publication of working papers which can be viewed on this website.
Although it is no longer valid for this COST Action, we leave the information below on the site because it might be useful for those wishing to apply for STSMs or training schools on other Actions.

Creating opportunities for new researchers has been an important objective of this COST Action.

We try to offer opportunities to publish, to present ongoing research and to network through the general activities of our Working Groups but there are also two forms of grant that are designed specifically for Early Career Investigators: training schools; and Short-term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

If you are a PhD student

In 2013, we held two successful Training Schools in Bulgaria and Malta. In 2014 we held special sessions aimed at Early Stage researchers at our meeting in Romania on March 26th-28th, 2014.

In 2015, we held a successful Training School at the University of Vienna from July 6th to 10th.

Our final Training School was held in Dubrovinik, Croatia from May 3 to May 6, 2016. For more details, go to

PhD candidates are also eligible to apply for a grant to carry out a Short-Term Scientific Mission (see below).

If you are an Early Career Investigator

An Early Career Investigator (ECI) – formerly known as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) – is defined as someone who has completed their PhD within the last eight years. If you are an ECI from one of the 30 COST participating countries or from Albania (a near neighbour country that is participating in our Action), you can apply for a grant to carry out a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM). To check whether your country has signed up to the Action, go to

A short-term scientific mission is a visit from an ESR based in one COST participating country to an institute in another COST participating country. This could be to work on a jointly authored article, to carry out fieldwork, to learn a new research method, to work on a joint research proposal or any other activity linked to your research on the dynamics of virtual work.

To apply for an STSM you must have the consent of the institution where you plan to go. Grants are awarded up to a maximum of €2,500 to cover the cost of travel and accommodation for PhD students and €3,500 for Early Career Investigators (but these larger grants are only available for visits of over 90 days). The grants are intended to cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

Applicants must make a clear case that their STSM is relevant to the topic of our Action.They should specificy the expected outcome and explain clearly not only how the STSM will enhance their own research but also why the host Institution is appropriate and what value will be added by the collaboration.They must also ensure that they can provide evidence of the commitment of the host Institution to host the STSM and provide the name of the person in the host Institution who will supervise it.

To apply for an STSM,fill in the online form at

You will then need to prepare a detailed application.