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Working Group 4

Policy implications of Virtual Work


The focus of Working Group 4 is on the implications of the development of virtual work for policy, especially employment policy. On the one hand it will analyse the impact of existing policies and the reactions of differing policy stakeholders to the development of virtual work. On the other hand, it will engage proactively with policy stakeholders in the development of new policy agendas, such as those developed in relation to the priorities of the EU’s Europe 2020 goals, and those of its ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’, including innovation policy, information society policy, skills policy and economic development policy but with a special focus on employment policy, given the impacts on the quantity and quality of work. In addition to developing an overview of policy relating to virtual work in Europe, this Working Group will also draw on the results of the other three working groups in order to synthesise the messages from the Action as a whole for dissemination to the policy community. Membership of this Working Group is open to policy stakeholders including trade unions, NGOs, employers’ associations and regional, national and international government bodies. The leader of this Working Group is Pamela Meil, who is a Senior Researcher at the Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Forschung (ISF) in Munich.




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